Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is it really almost Christmas?

It's been a busy month, as it has been for everyone!  We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend in Iowa, complete with turkey, football, books and some piano playing.  We had a great time surrounded by lots of family.  

Jackson discovered the piano and the rest of the weekend that's all he wanted to play with. 

Jackson got to meet his cousin, Shay Webster, for the first time!  Shay is such a doll and really wanted to give lots of Jackson hugs.  Jackson wasn't so sure about the hugs.

Shay trying to give another hug.  Unfortunately they both ended up in a pile on the floor after this try.

Jackson took the opportunity of the long weekend to get some reading in with Grandma and Grandpa.  I think everyone enjoyed it!

Thanksgiving dinner was spent with the Blairs and Cooks gathering at JC & Jan Cook's house for a wonderful dinner and lots of good times, as usual.  Jackson really took to Jason Cook and he spent quite a while on his lap.  I believe they were watching a football game.

Playing with Grandma Blair and Shay Webster.

On Thursday, December 16 Jackson and the rest of the toddlers at his day care put on their Christmas music program.  Is there anything more adorable than toddlers, some of whom can't even talk, putting on a music program?  Jackson started off well but ended up on my lap after he spotted us in the crowd.

Hey Mom!  You're here!

Here is an adorable video of the concert.

Afterwards there was a small reception and a very special visitor!  Jackson wasn't so sure about Santa.

Last weekend the Twin Cities was hit by a major blizzard -- 18+ inches of snow in about 24 hours.  It was beautiful but made it difficult to get around!  We took the opportunity to make Christmas cookies, play in the snow and enjoy some family time.

Jackson standing on one of the 5 foot high snowpiles in our front yard.

He wasn't a huge fan of the cold wind but he was a trooper!

Snow drifts on our deck.  Yes, that is snow against the window two feet high.

On Sunday we all bundled up and went to the Carters for Christmas tree-decorating.  Jackson loved it and was a huge help!  We had no idea how this would go since we put up our tree after he went to bed one night and all of our ornaments are on the top half of the tree (very strange-looking tree indeed!).  Jackson did great though!  He knew instantly what he was supposed to do, even if he did need a little help actually getting the ornaments on the branches.  He would run from Grampa Carter, who was in charge of unpacking all the ornaments, to the tree and back again.  I really wish I had taken a video of it! 

We are all really excited for Christmas and another trip to Iowa!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate more than it did last year.