My Bucket List

I'm going to put my own personal or family bucket list here.  No doubt the list will grow (as it should) and hopefully I will tick a few things off along the way.

  1. Cruise the Panama Canal
  2. Go on an safari
  3. Take a train trip with my boys
  4. Visit Alaska
  5. Eat at Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, ME
  6. Learn to knit
  7. Go dog-sledding
  8. See Redwoods National Park
  9. Rent an RV and drive across country
  10. Go fishing with my dad again
  11. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  12. Take a photography class
  13. Take a Bible study class
  14. Spend three months in the Napa area learning about wine
  15. Spend New Year's Eve in a suite overlooking Time's Square
  16. Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands
  17. Walk on a glacier
  18. Go on a sailing trip around the Virgin Islands
  19. Visit Bora Bora and stay in one of those cool huts over the ocean
  20. Rent a house boat for a family vacation
  21. Pay for the person behind me in the drive-through line at Caribou Coffee

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