Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a Welcome Home!

I know...I'm not exactly keeping up with the blog now that Jackson has made his arrival. What can I say? Things are a little busy around here. It's been wonderful though! There have been a few "new parent" moments where Scott and I look at each other and wonder what the heck we're supposed to do but that's normal, right?

I wanted to post a few pictures of the wonderful "Welcome Home" we received when we brought Jackson home from the hospital on July 5. Danielle and Zoe really made the arrival special with the driveway messages! I cried, of course. It was such a nice thing to do and really made Scott and me feel special!

So sweet!!

This was a big week for us. We made our first trip to a restaurant! I've been craving french toast from Perkins, one of my favorite things for breakfast, since I left the hospital. On Tuesday Scott, Jackson and I made the trip to Perkins and everything was wonderful! The french toast was yummy and Jackson slept the entire time. Of course, Scott and I were constantly worried about him waking up and crying but it all worked out. The staff were all oohing and aahing over Jackson which sure made his mom smile!
On Thursday we traveled out to Stillwater, a beautiful town right on the St. Croix river. It was Jackson's first real venture out, other than to Perkins and the occasional trip to Babies R Us (that's right, it's become the place where we spend all of our money). Because I'm a mom still learning the ropes, I forgot my camera so there aren't any pictures but he was wonderful. It was a perfect day and we all had a great time.
Scott returns to work next week (BOO!) but my parents are coming to help out for the week (YEAH!). We are beginning to settle in to more of a routine and Scott and I are slowly learning Jackson's various cries. Speaking of which, I hear him right now so I should probably get going.
More later!

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