Monday, March 21, 2011

Pajama Day!!!

On Friday, Jackson's daycare did an All-School Pajama Day.  Now, I remember these from Homecoming Week in high school but to see a bunch of little ones running around in PJs all day is simply adorable.  Here is Jackson getting ready on Friday morning -- all decked out in his Star Wars pajamas, a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Blair.

Mom, why are you taking pictures of me so early in the morning?  I haven't even had breakfast yet!

Star Wars pjs and addidas sneakers -- too cute!

Just had to include these two from last night.  Jackson is typically in a pretty foul mood post-bathtime but a sure-fire way to get him to crack up is to carry him upstairs along with Cappy.  Of course, Cappy isn't too thrilled with the routine as you can tell. 

It finally feels like Spring is almost here!  Can't wait to start spending more time outside! 

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