Monday, August 31, 2009

Quite a Weekend!

This was quite a busy weekend with Jackson's first trip to the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday and his first Twins game on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day for a trip to the fair and Jackson did pretty well. Scott and I overindulged ourselves but oh well -- what else are you supposed to do? Hotdish on a stick anyone?

This is how Jackson spent most of the day -- peacefully sleeping in his stroller.

It wouldn't be the State Fair without a few tractors. Gotta love John Deere!

And after three hours of wandering around with thousands of people, we had a meltdown. He did well though! Unfortunately there was no formula on a stick.

On Sunday we ventured to the Metrodome for the final time. The Twins are moving to their new outdoor stadium next year. Yeah! Jackson loved his first Twins game! He was awake and looking around for almost the entire game. The Twins won by the way. It was a great day!

Father and son in the Baby Bjorn.

Jackson keeps growing, developing and changing. He's even started sleeping through the night every once in a while -- maybe twice a week or so. I was fully expecting that it would be sometime in 2010 before he would be sleeping through the night. We're off to the cabin this week. Jackson's first trip up north! We're all really excited for the final trip (and only our second trip) of the summer. More pictures when we return!

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