Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fourth of July (Finally!)

Well, I've finally done it!  I finally had time to get the pictures loaded onto the computer and posted!  I hope this helps tell the story of our wonderful trip to the cabin over the Fourth of July.  We had such a great time!  One of the highlights, of course, was celebrating Jackson's first birthday!  I still can't believe he's one although there are times when he seems much older.  Maybe it's the whole walking thing.  He's really getting to be such a big boy!  Slow down, honey!  Slow down!

Here is Jackson digging into more presents. 

After his birthday celebration with the Carters the previous weekend, I think he was getting the hang of this whole gift thing.

Hey Grandpa!  Look at my cool new train!

And then possibly the biggest hit of all....the Learn & Groove Musical Table!  He absolutely loves it and will stand and play for a long time!

Fun new bath toys from Aunt Kathleen and Tyler...and a mischievous look in his eyes too!

A new guitar!  I think he's practicing to take on his father in Guitar Hero!

Hopefully you can see the little train on the cake.  That train is very special and has been around as long as I can remember.  When I was a little girl, my Grandma Marcie put that little wooden train on our birthday cakes (I actually think it dates back to when my mom was a little girl).  There is space for five candles so it only worked until you turned five.  It was a very sad day when you were too old to have the train on your cake.  I believe when I turned 15 (or was it 25) and we celebrated with my grandparents, she brought out the train and put it on the cake for old time's sake.  She would just love that we had it there for Jackson's first birthday.  It would have put a huge smile on her face!  Such memories!

Yummy cake!!

And his trademark cheeseball grin.

Not too excited about his whole life vest thing but Mom and Dad say I have to have it.

Yikes!!  The water is freezing!!

We don't have a boat this year so one day we rented a pontoon boat to spend the afternoon out on the lake.  Jackson LOVED it!!  He stood at the front of the boat almost the entire time.  I really think he could have spent the entire afternoon just staring out at the lake.  I definitely think he's going to be a lake guy!

Could he be any cuter in his little hat and life jacket?

The proud grandparents with the remnants of the 2007 fire in the background.  We were so lucky!  The fire came within about a mile of the cabin.  This year, though, you can really see the green coming back.  In no time you won't be able to tell at all.

Trying out this whole lake swimming thing at the sand bar at the far end of the lake.  He wasn't too sure about it at first but by the end of the afternoon he was having a great time.

And back to the cabin! 

It was a wonderful week!  Jackson did such a great job and we all had fun.  As I've said before, it was over the Fourth that he became an official "walker."  Now that is his preferred mode of getting where he wants to do.  And over the last week he's perfected being able to stand up on his own so he no longer needs to hold onto someone or something.  Mom and Dad are having a hard time keeping up with all of his new little tricks! 

This weekend will really be exciting at our house!  We're officially moving Jackson into his own room.  He's essentially had his own room for months now because Scott and I have been sleeping in the basement bedroom.  Now that he's one, though, he really needs his own space (and we need our room back).  I'm excited to get everything organized and set up.  Lots of work but it will be worth it.  I hope he likes it!  Hopefully a new room won't disrupt his sleep too much.  He really is such a great sleeper, even though he likes to wake us up at 5:30am every morning.  Oh well, he's worth it! 

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  1. Love the pics. It was a wonderful week. Looking forward to doing it again. Love, Mom