Monday, October 4, 2010

Ok, time for a few pictures and videos from the cabin

We spent Labor Day at the cabin with my parents and Elizabeth and Reef.  The weather was cool and crisp.  Fall was letting us know that our sunny days of summer were numbered.  But honestly, I'm OK with that.  I love Fall!  Football season, beautiful trees, cozy sweaters and my North Face fleece.  These are all things that put a big smile on my face.  Fall is wonderful and after a HOT summer, I'm happy that it's here.

Here are a few pictures from our week Up North.  We all had a great time, especially Jackson who got to spend a whole week with Grandma and Grandpa Blair!

Reading time with Grandma

Our little goofball

Nothing quite like a sippy cup of milk in the morning, especially in the woods!

One of his latest favorite things to do is take the toys out of the little toy bin and get in it. 
Silly boy! 

The cats made the trip to the cabin too.  Here they are trying to devise a plan to catch the squirrel out on the deck.

Possibly the highlight of the week, chasing the ducks in front of Gunflint Lodge. 

Here are two "Jackson with the ducks" videos.  The first one is from Labor Day weekend and the second one is from the end of September when we were all back up at the cabin to close it for the season. 

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