Friday, October 1, 2010

So Far Behind

I know, it's been so long since I've posted anything.  September has been incredibly busy and we've had so much going on that I just can't seem to find time to sit down and sort through pictures to get them posted.  We've been to the cabin for a week over Labor Day, back to the cabin for a short weekend to get the dock in and start the "closing" process and we've spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

But, the big news is that Jackson had been moved up to the toddler room at daycare.  It's happened an entire month early (typically they stay in the infant room until 16 months) but we are all VERY excited about it.  Honestly, for the last two weeks he has spent most of his time in the toddler room.  I have been dropping him off in the infant room from breakfast in the morning but by mid-morning he is down with the toddlers. 

The toddler room means more independence but more fun for him too.  Because of the independence, he is able to explore what he wants to do more.  The toys and activities they have are geared towards older kids.  There is music class twice a week which I know he will love!  He gets to play outside at least twice a day.  In the toddler room they have group time twice a day as well.  During group time they sing songs, practice counting and ABC's.  They even work on Spanish language skills with the toddlers.  I really think being around the older kids is going to be so good for him.  He was clearly bored with the infant room and watching older kids and being exposed to more is going to be great developmentally. 

That being said, this whole change was supposed to happen Tuesday, NOT TODAY!!!  I was prepared for Tuesday.  I was prepared for one last day of dropping him off in the infant room.  I was prepared for our little morning routine of getting him settled, a little chat with the teacher, a last cuddle before I'm off to work.  I was NOT prepared to be told to drop him off in the big kids room where they eat breakfast at little tables and drink out of cups (not sippy-cups -- yikes!).  It became very clear to me that I really don't have a baby anymore.  I have a toddler who is growing up way too fast.  I just want it all to slow down.  How is it possible that the last 15 months have gone by so quickly?  HELP!

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