Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Labor Day at the Cabin -- Jackson's first trip

Well, I know these are a little late but things have been busy with going back to work and such. Better late than never though, right? Anyway, over Labor Day we all made the trek up to the Blair cabin on Gunflint Lake. It was Jackson's first trip to the cabin. Very exciting!! Everyone had a great time and Jackson handled the whole thing very well. Some of the firsts that weekend -- first boat ride, first night away from home, first overnight away from Mom and Dad (Scott and I had to return to the cities for a night to attend a wedding). It was a big weekend!

Welcome to the cabin! Eat, drink and be merry!

Jackson enjoying dinner in his bouncey seat with the Blairs -- he couldn't be left out of anything of course!

A little quality time with Grandma!

I think he likes the cabin!

Getting ready for his first boat ride. It ended up being quite the ride after we hit a rock and lost power for our motor about a mile away from the cabin. Thank goodness for good samaritans!

Bridal Falls

The narrows from Little Gunflint into Little North Lake.

Happy Jackson!

We all had a great week up there! I'm already thinking about next spring!
Jackson has gotten into the swing of things with daycare and I'm doing better about it too. I know it's good for him and it's probably good for me too. He's a really active little boy so I'm sure the change of scenery and interaction with other people is good stimulation for me. I'm definitely missing spending my days with him though. He's such an amazing child! He makes me smile constantly!
Scott and I head to Maine next week for a wedding. I'm so excited to go back out there! It's so absolutely beautiful and the fall colors should just be gorgeous! Grandma and Grandpa Blair will be keeping Jackson in line while we're gone. I know both Jackson and the grandparents are excited for the time together. I'm making no guarantees regarding how many times I will be calling home while we're away.

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