Friday, November 13, 2009

Another trip to the Pediatrician's...

I'm not sure it's possible for us to go more than a week or two without a trip to the pediatrician's office.  It happened again yesterday.  I can't remember if I mentioned this but a couple of weeks ago we had Jackson in for what I was hoping was not H1N1.  Turns out he just had an ear infection -- prescription amoxicillan.  Problem solved and within a few days Jackson was feeling much better. 

Well, yesterday when I was dressing him before taking him to daycare, I noticed a huge red rash on both of his arms.  Totally freaked out, I decided to take him to the doctor's (this was about 7:15am).  Well, by 7:45 the rash was gone.  I decided to take him to daycare and let his teacher know about the disappearing rash -- just to keep an eye out for it and call me if it showed up again.  By 10:00am daycare had called to say the rash was back.  He didn't have a fever or appear to be uncomfortable so I told him that I would be there to pick him up in the early afternoon.  By 1:30 Jackson and I were waiting at the doctor's office and he was covered in a bright red rash.  Poor little guy!  After a quick once over by his pediacatrician, it was determined that the rash was hives and that he is probably allergic to penecillan. 

This is where a little light bulb went off in my head.  I am also allergic to penecillan, discovered after I was prescribed it for strep throat several years ago.  I should have know it was hives and should have been able to figure out the allergy myself.  Oh well.  I'm so paranoid about H1N1 that almost anything can freak me out.  After a dose of Benedryl suggested by the doctor, Jackson is feeling much better and I'm happy to have a child not covered in hives!

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