Monday, November 9, 2009

An Unfortunate Loss

Well, the Iowa Hawkeyes lost to Northwestern this weekend. If you know me at all (and frankly why are you reading this if you don't), you know that I bleed black and gold. I love the Hawkeyes and during football season, I just can't miss a game. This season has been great. Up until this past Saturday we were 9-0. While our wins weren't exactly pretty, we managed to win week in and week out. Unforunately our luck ran out on Saturday. Our quarterback went down on the third drive and we never recovered. Our perfect season came to an abrupt end. Boo. In order to make the loss more palatable, I'm posting some pictures of Jackson cheering on the Hawkeyes as best he can. Enjoy!

Well, here is my first shot at taking a video with my camera. Jackson was being really talkative tonight, unlike any other night. Of course, I thought of taking the video after about a hour of constant babble so this isn't as good as it had been earlier. I still thought those of you who don't get to see Jackson very much would enjoy this. Such a little cutie! There is even an adorable sneeze a few seconds into the clip.

This weekend we finally were able to get some cute fall pictures taken.  Hopefully I'll get those posted later this week. 

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