Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He's getting so big!!

I know he's six months old -- growing, learning, developing more everyday -- but 19 1/2 lbs??  Yesterday was his six month check-up and, yes, little Jackson currently weighs in at 19 1/2 lbs, in the 75 - 90 percentile for weight.  He is also 28 inches long, in the 95 percentile for length.  He's a big boy! 

It occurs to me at this six-month milestone that I haven't really talked much about the milestones he's reaching developmentally.  I don't know whether it's because I see it everyday or what.  I guess I just tend to talk more about what we're doing and not how he's changing. 

Well, as you might guess, he's changing all the time.  He is rolling both from front to back and back to front.  He loves it and will just roll all over the floor if you let him.  He's definitely figured out that he can roll to get where he wants to go or to reach a toy.  He's started to pull his knees underneath him and I don't think it will be too long before he starts trying to crawl.  Yikes!!  The thought of that makes me really nervous!

He sits unassisted for a little bit and is getting better at it everyday.  The problem arises when he tries to reach for something and topples over.  He's working at it though and I think will have it down before too long.  As you can tell from previously posted pictures, he's found his feet and loves to grab them.  He sucks his thumb too although sometimes it ends up also being several fingers.  Something tells me he might be teething and I think chomping on his fingers feels good on his sore gums.  He "talks" up a storm!!  I just love hearing all the little sounds he makes!  He loves to have little "conversations" which usually end with him laughing and blowing bubbles.  He's such a happy baby!  He just smiles at everyone.

Jackson sleeps like a champ too.  We usually put him to bed in his crib around 7pm and he will sleep until around 6am.  Occasionally he will wake up in the night but typically all it takes to put him back to sleep is a little backrub.  I can't believe how lucky we are!  I've heard such horror stories about babies, even at six months, waking up to feed several times a night.  Jackson has pretty much been sleeping through the night since about three months.  Unfortunately, he really doesn't like his crib when it comes to nap time.  If he falls asleep on Scott or me, he will generally sleep at least an hour.  If we put him in his crib, it's 30 minutes at the most.  That is one thing we need to work on in the next few months.  Obviously, he can't take naps on us for the rest of his childhood. 

Jackson continues to amaze us everyday.  He is such a joy to have!

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