Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time to play catch-up

To say that I haven't been very good at keeping up with the blog is an understandment!  It's been really busy lately and with the beautiful weather finally arriving in Minnesota, it's hard to make myself sit in front of a computer any more than necessary.  I do want to share some wonderful pictures from Jackson's baptism weekend in Iowa though. 

We all made the trek down to IA at the end of April for the big event.  Jackson was just getting over the croup so I was really nervous about how it was all going to go but he was wonderful!  He sat through almost all of the service and made his Mom and Dad very proud!

Both sides of the family made it for the celebration.  What a wonderful day!

We drove down to Iowa on Friday after work so that we'd have all day on Saturday to just hang out and relax.  It was a gorgeous day, a perfect day to play outside for a bit.  Despite the fact that Jackson was still not feeling himself, we thought a trip to the park would be fun.  We went to Spring Lake Park in Cherokee, IA.  It a beautiful place with a nice walking path around the lake and some playground equipment.  You can even rent paddle boats in the summer.  My grandmother often took me there as a child to feed the swans.  Well, there weren't any swans on this particular day but we did see some geese.

This is Jackson's first time in a swing.  He wasn't so sure about the whole thing.

Getting ready to do go down the big kid slide with Dad.

After the park and a nice nap, we hung out out on the deck and checked out the grass in the backyard.  Again, Jackson was a little cautious with the grass.

This is one of my favorite pictures!  He looks like such a little boy in his jeans and barefeet.

His onesie says "I crawl the line."  Ha!  When I saw it I just had to have it being the Johnny Cash fan that I am. 

The rain finally chased us in but it was a really great day to explore outside! 

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching which means the first trip of the season to the cabin!  Yeah!  It's going to be really fun to take Jackson up there this summer.  He's such a curious little boy that watching him take everything in is going to be great.  He's also much more mobile so it's going to be more work for us to keep up with him.  He crawls everywhere, goes up stairs and walks along furniture with ease.  I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking by his first birthday (yikes!  I can't believe he's going to turn one soon!).  He is also doing really well with food.  He loves fruit and vegetables!  I think he's gotten to the point where he's not too excited about the jar baby food anymore.  He knows what real food tastes like and that's what he wants.  He has six little teeth with which to eat all that food too.  No more cute gummy smile!  It's all teeth!

Anyway, that's about it from our neck of the woods.  It will be another busy weekend with cousin Zachary's birthday celebration on Saturday and then, hopefully, a trip to Minnehaha Falls on Sunday.  Busy but fun, that's how we like it!

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