Monday, June 7, 2010

Two Big Pieces of News

Well, I don't have pictures from Memorial Day loaded onto this computer but I will tell you the big news...Jackson took his first step at the cabin on May 30!  YEAH!!!  He's taken several more since then and I have a feeling that he'll be walking before too long.  Maybe even by his first birthday!  (Wow...I can't believe he's turning one in just a couple of weeks.)  He's becoming such a big boy!

Jackson also took his first bath in the big tub last night.  We've been hanging onto the baby tub for a while, probably too long looking back at it.  I was concerned about his stability in the big tub.  Turns out his instability in the little tub was probably because he is too big for it.  Oh well.  I also wanted to get a skid mat down before we tried it too.  Well, it finally happened and Jackson absolutely loved it!  I was a little worried that the bigger tub would freak him out.  Boy, was I wrong!  It made us both wonder why we waited so long.  He spalshed around and played with his bath toys and had a great time. 

Anyway, I promise to get pictures from the cabin posted soon!

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