Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just in time for Fourth of July...

...I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Memorial Day weekend at the cabin.  Well, we had a wonderful time!  The weather was perfect and Jackson had so much fun exploring a new place.  Ok, so not exactly new but considering he was two months old the last time he was there, it was new to him.  Of course, Grandma showed up with lots of new toys to play with which always makes a little boy happy! 

I love the look on his face in this one!  What are you doing with my toys, Dad?

Were the toys for Jackson or Scott?  Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Another big hit was Mongo, the singing gorilla.  It clapped and sang and Jackson LOVED it!!!

Grandpa told lots of fish stories which made Jackson laugh.  Oh, we spend alot of time in our pjs at the cabin, especially when Jackson likes to wake everyone up at 6am.  Good thing he's pretty cute!

There was alot of exploring, including figuring out new and different ways to get from Point A to Point B, like under the footstool.  Of coures, why didn't I think of that!

More stories about the woods, the lake and all the wonderful things that we love about Up North.  Grandpa is great at telling stories! 

There was also some quiet time reading books.  We love to read at the cabin!  It often ends in a great, big nap.

And of course, spending time outside, with or without a shower.  The weather was perfect and the bugs weren't really out yet.  Doesn't get much better than that!

Seemed like a perfect time to try walking!  Jackson took his first, hesitant steps at the cabin.  Everyone was so excited.  Of course, we didn't really get a picture of it but this one is close.  He was holding onto my hand and then he just let go and took about two steps.  He's been taking a few steps here and there since then but I wouldn't say he is officially walking yet.  I don't think we're that far away from it though.

We had to go down to Gunflint Lodge for barbeque.  So yummy!  After dinner we walked down to the dock for some pictures.

A little lovin' from Aunt Kathleen.  She is so great!

Finally, back home after a great trip.  Jackson was such a good little traveler.  We were worried about how he would do with the longer trip (it's about 5 1/2 hours in the car) and being at the cabin, sleeping in his pack and play.  Well, we really had nothing to worry about.  With the exception of a little car sickness when we turned into the Gunflint Trail (blame that on Mom and Dad who fed him an array of foods right before), he was just wonderful.  No problems at all! 

Cuddling with Mommy

Jackson and Dad all decked out in their Twins gear before Mom and Dad went to a Twins game.  The Twins lost unfortunately but we had a great time!

I guess that's about it in a nutshell.  We've had a really busy June and we're looking forward to another trip to the cabin over the Fourth of July, this time for a week!  We'll also be celebrating Jackson's first birthday.  Yeah!  I really can't believe it's been a year.  Time really is flying by!  I'm scared that I'll wake up tomorrow and have a 16 year old wanting to take the car out with friends.  Yikes! 

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