Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Showers, Appointments & the Hiccups

It's been a fun few days. As I mentioned before, this past weekend I traveled back to Sioux City for a baby shower thrown by some of my Mom's dearest friends. What a wonderful time! It was so much fun to see everyone again. We all had a great time and I think Elmo is definitely going to be one spoiled little baby! After I arrived back home on Sunday night, Scott and I organized everything that we've gotten so far and made a list of things that we still need to get. Our house definitely looks like we're expecting a baby. The cats were a little confused by everything of course.

I had another OB appointment yesterday. All went well and we were informed that we get a few more ultrasounds. The first one is a week from Friday. Yeah! I was fully expecting not to be able to peek in on Elmo until he arrives sometime in July. We're excited to see how things have changed in the last 12 weeks. Hopefully they will print out some pictures and I will get them posted on here as soon as I can. Other than that, everything looks good. I measuring about one week ahead and the heartbeat was strong. All good things!

Elmo has developed a little problem in the last week or two however -- the hiccups. It seems hardly a day goes by without at least a short episode of the hiccups. I think it's a good sign though, and it sure is fun to see my stomach move up and down with each one!

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