Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Bump Pictures!

Alright, here are some baby bump pictures. Scott and I didn't exactly get our acts together in time to do monthly pictures but oh well. The first picture is from Week 19. We'd just had our second ultrasound and learned that everything looked perfect! At that point I was feeling pretty good although the stomach aches were a constant thing because of the stretching of ligaments and muscles, etc.

This is a picture from Week 21. As you can tell, I'd gotten quite bit bigger! By this point the stomach aches and pains had pretty much gone away and I was feeling little Elmo begin to kick and move around inside my belly. At this point I definitely felt pregnant and not just fat. Yeah!

I'm definitely in maternity clothes full-time at this point! I'm also beginning to think that once you have a baby, you should be able to wear maternity pants forever. Honestly, once I gave in and accepted that my pre-pregnancy pants just weren't going to fit anymore, I became a much happier person. Elastic waistbands are wonderful, especially when you sit in front of a computer all day!

This is from Week 23. Again, it's hard to believe that I still have so far to go with my pregnancy. I look (and feel) huge already! One of the things that I've noticed with this enormous belly is that it is difficult to lean over the sink to do dishes. Scott is going to have to take over that duty soon (trust me, I'm not complaining too much!). Little Elmo is kicking quite a bit lately and Scott and I can finally feel him from the outside. I can actually see my belly move sometimes when Elmo's really active. It's fun to think about our little peanut moving around in there!

We are in Week 24 now, just a couple of weeks away from the third trimester. The time has really flown by! We have another check-up this week along with the dreaded glucose testing. Yuck! I'm not looking forward to that but oh well -- what can you do. Wish me luck!

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  1. Is is okay for The Mom to say you are an adorable pregnant lady? Love, Mom