Friday, March 13, 2009

In the Beginning....

I guess I need to start somewhere so here it is. The biggest thing going on in our lives right now is my pregnancy. On November 3, 2008 Scott and I found out that we are expecting our first baby! Yeah! We were both thrilled with the news and it's been an exciting time ever since. My first trimester went relatively smoothly with no crazy morning sickness or weird food cravings. I have been wanting lots of sweets but I think I need to blame that on my sweet tooth and not the baby. Oh well.

On December 23, 2008 we had our first ultrasound. The OB ordered an early one to determine whether or not we were having twins. Thankfully, there is only one little bun in the oven otherwise I think Scott and I would both have been a little overwhelmed. We had another ultrasound on February 17, 2009 and everything is progressing as it should. The baby looks perfectly healthy which we are thankful for! The due date is July 10, 2009 and we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our little peanut (we've nicknamed him/her Elmo). Despite some pleading from Scott, we've decided not to find out Elmo's gender. It's that one last big surprise and I'd like to save that for the delivery room. That being said, we both seem to call Elmo "he." Maybe that's mother's intuition, maybe not. We'll find out in July! Scott and I are both so excited about our new family and can't wait to see what the future holds! Stay tuned...

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  1. We are trying to figure out who Elmo looks like. Does he/she have the Blair nose? Love, Mom