Friday, March 20, 2009

More Ultrasound Pictures

Ok, I have a little more time this afternoon so here are the ultrasound pictures from February 2009. Enjoy!

This is a face-forward image with little Elmo's face looking directly forward. The two little darks spots are eyes, with arms and legs bent up.

Elmo's little leg! How cute!

Another image of the head and spine. Little Elmo is facing down.

Ok, with this one you can see Elmo's head and his arm is wrapped around in front. His other little fist is toward the top and you can see a bent leg too. (Don't worry, I had to have the ultrasound tech point all this stuff out to me.)

So that's the extent of our first pictures of the baby. It was love at first sight and we can't wait until July to hold Elmo in our arms. For now I have have to be content with the little jabs and kicks happening in my uterus!

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