Friday, March 20, 2009

Ultrasound Pictures

Scott and I finally had some extra time last night and uploaded some pictures from the first two ultrasounds. The first ultrasound was December 23, 2008 when Elmo was not quite three months along. It was so amazing to be able to see our little one so early. We were both surprised at how developed everything was. We could even see the tiny heart pumping away! It was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten! Here are some pictures....

This is a picture of Elmo facing down with his head on the right, his little arm and his leg. I love this one!!

This is a closer image of Elmo's head and body, again facing down. You can see the spine, fully-formed, running down his back.

Hopefully a little later today I will have some time to post pictures from our ultrasound in February. You can really tell how much our little one has grown!

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