Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pregnancy Brain... oh so real! I remember hearing about the forgetfulness that sometimes accompanies pregnancy but really just thought it was an Old Wive's Tale. I didn't think it really happened. Well, I was wrong. I often find myself getting up from my chair at work but then not remembering why I got up. At home, I will walk into the kitchen to fill up a water glass but forget to bring the glass with me. Just silly little things but it can be so aggrevating!

All weekend long I was planning on making a specific chicken casserole (Easy Chicken for those in the Blair family) which takes about 4 hours to bake. Around 2pm I pulled the recipe book out to double-check everything. Well, when I checked the baking time it said only an hour and 15 minutes. Ok, fine, maybe I was wrong about the baking time and thinking about something else. Around 6pm I started things in the kitchen -- mixing, measuring, etc. Scott was looking over my shoulder at one point and asked why I was reserving a 1/2 cup of something. I showed him in the recipe book where it said to do that (silly boys who can't read recipes is what I was thinking). His response was "well, that's the wrong recipe" and pointed to the recipe on the opposite page -- the one for Easy Chicken. AHHH! Of course, I had used my last can of cream of mushroom soup and stomped upstairs to get changed so I could run to the store to get another can. I was less that happy about the whole thing, to put it mildly. After arriving home from my quick trip to the store, I of course realized that I was right about the baking time, that it did take 4 hours to bake (remember -- I looked at the wrong recipe from the start) so my entire trip to the store was pointless since I couldn't start a casserole at 7pm that takes that long to bake. Did I think about that before heading out to the store in a fury? Of course not. Being the hormonal person that I am right now, I was on the verge of tears because of the entire episode.

So the moral to this little story is, the next time you hear about pregnancy brain, please believe it is a real condition and cut the poor pregnant lady a little slack (and give her a bowl of ice cream).


  1. This reminds me of the time Scott's science class was on the news. The teacher was being featured. Scott's 15 seconds of fame was when the teacher walked over to his desk and pointed out, "You're on the wrong page".

  2. Now why did someone have to bring that up?