Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thoughts on My Pregnancy

A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.-- Author Unknown

I love that quote!

I really can't describe the feelings that run through me when I feel little Elmo moving around in my belly. It's such an overwhelming sense of love and nurturing. This little person depends soley on me for his well-being. That is such an amazing responsibility and I'm so grateful for every moment! I was recently talking with a friend who delivered twins at 27 weeks, where I am right now. Obviously, if I delivered now there would be serious health issues to contend with. But even more than that, I can't imagine giving up my pregnancy quite yet. I love the little kicks and jabs, hiccups and flips that I'm feeling. I'm not ready to part, physically, with this little person growing inside me -- this wonderful little being made up of Scott and myself. The frequent trips to the bathroom, the swollen feet, the expanding waistline, even the pregnancy brain are all worth it when I think about my little baby. This bond is so strong already. I can't wait to meet Elmo face to face but until then, I couldn't be happier with him safe and sound in my belly.

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